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Getting a Website Online

Once you have created your website, you will need to get it a domain name and then a host site to host it on the internet. There are many different websites that can provide domain names and or host your site on the internet and whilst the name may not be too important, the host is as you will have to find one that best suits your needs.

Domain names are perhaps important as far as a catchy name may attract more visitors, you often find that the catchiest ones have already been taken and so you may have to settle for one which is memorable instead. The host you choose is important as you will not want to pay more than you have to for a hosting service and so if you go to a website like you will be able to see all the hosts available along with their prices and the levels of service they provide.

The different levels are usually measured by the size of the website to be hosted and by the number of visitors a website expects to have. Most people when they first place a website on the net are uncertain how many visitors their site will get and so should perhaps start with a host that offers different levels as by doing that, you can start paying for a low level and then upgrade if necessary and not have to look for a new host. It is similar with the size of the website.

Although you may start off with a relatively small website, if you expect to add to it later or allow others to add to it, it too may reach the limits of the level you are paying for and so once again, it would be better if you just upgraded with the same host instead of locating a different host. Most people that create a website hope that the website will increase the number of customers their business has and so as every visitor is a potential customer, they will hope that the site receives plenty of them.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies designed to increase the number of visitors to a website. One of the strategies an SEO specialist may use is keywords. These are words or phrases which are placed in the content of a website which attract the search engine’s attention to that particular website.

When a request for a search is made, the search engine, following a certain criteria, will list the hundreds of results it finds on a list to present to the searcher.

If the search engine’s attention has been drawn to a particular website by the use of a keyword, the engine will place that website at the top of its list which will ensure that it is seen by more people than it would have been if it was placed as 100th on the list and so that ensures that a particular website is visited more than a site without SEO.