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Creating your Own Blog Site

There are many people that blog on the internet today and sometimes they wish they could have their own website to blog on and now they can. Many people that would like a website of their own do not have one because they thought that they would have to learn coding in order to create one but whilst that used to be the case, it no longer is, thanks to website platforms. A website platform is software that allows you to create a website of your own design without having to learn coding as it does all the coding for you. There are many different website platforms, most of which are free and some of the better more popular ones are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Drupal is a website platform that many web developers use as it is powerful but as it needs a little knowledge about coding, beginners opt for one of the other platforms.

Joomla is easy to use and has a vast amount of features which enable you to build pages for almost anything you may wish but as it sometimes requires knowledge of coding for some of the advanced features, many people prefer WordPress. WordPress is certainly easy as it requires no knowledge of coding at all and that is probably why it has been used to create almost a quarter of all the websites on the internet. It has been said that if WordPress does have one drawback it is that it does not have as many features or pages available as some of the other platforms. This is rally a minor drawback if one at all though as it is easy to add an extension for that extra page from another platform. For instance, if you happen to like the Joomla Blog page, you can download it from Joomla, as an extension or a plug-in, to WordPress and enjoy all that both the software has to offer.

All this can be done at no cost but in order to get your newly created website on the internet, you will have to find a host site which will allow you to choose a domain or site name and connect your site to the internet. Although some of these host sites do not charge a fee, most do and the most popular and efficient sites do. The fee is only usually about as little as $3 per month though and so that is within most people’s budget and can certainly be worth it to have your say to a potential worldwide audience. Of course in order to attract visitors to your website, you may need to know some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or have a website developer assist you. Once visitors come to your site, it is your site itself which will determine if they stay long enough to hear what you have to say and so make your homepage for your website, interesting and eye catching, almost willing them to look further into the site.