Spinning Articles

Spinning articles is a term which has been given to an article which has had its words changed around to become a rewrite, however, spinning articles can now be achieved using special software and so does need a professional writer to be a pain to produce a rewrite. One of this software is discussed on the www.chimprewriter.comwhere the article spinning tool is described in detail.

This type of software is likely to become increasingly popular as website owners become aware of the need to change their web content regular which, without this software, could become expensive. The reason why the content of a website needs to be changed regularly is that it is estimated that 70% of online revenue is collected from repeat visitors to sites and those visitors would not keep returning if the same content is always shown.

It would, of course, be nice if a website owner could just copy articles from other sites but that is considered to be plagiarism and most hosts of websites do not permit plagiarism and so rewrites or spinning articles are the methods used to avoid paying for new, original articles each time a website needs to be refreshed.

Of course though, before you can hope to get repeat visitors to your website, you will have to first get visitors to your site a first time. Although when the internet first started it was sufficient just to have a website present online for it to be seen, with the millions of websites online today, many are never seen unless active measures are taken to ensure that they are. These active measures are known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is strategies used to make a website more visible online.

Probably the most used SEO strategy is keywords as this is a strategy which makes a website visible at a crucial time when a search engine is making a relative search request. Although any website will appear on the list of search results, the list will contain thousands of websites and as only the first couple is ever looked at. Most websites will never be seen. As the keywords bring a website to the attention of a search engine at the time it is making a search, the website containing the keywords will be placed at the top of the list where it is almost certain to be seen if not visited.

Backlinks are another popular SEO strategy and this is the placing of a link to one website, on another website known as a host website. This strategy can be very effective at getting visitors to a website even if they do not make an actual search request but is most effective if the host website is both relevant to the site with the link and is already a very popular website. Once SEO strategies have brought visitors to a website, it is the quality of that website which will determine if they become regular visitors or not.