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Website Creation

You may have wondered why there are now so many websites online and the answer is that now; it is so easy to create a website that anyone can easily create one on their own, without even knowing computer codes or other fancy tech stuff. How this is possible is because unlike when the internet first came out and you had to know computer codes in order to create a website, today there is software that does the coding for you.

So, to create a website today, all you need is access to the software and then type in your instructions and the software, like WordPress, interprets your instructions into code and creates what you ask for. Apart from the coding software you will also need a domain name and a host for your website in order to create a website that can be seen online.

The domain name for your website can be one of your choosing provided that a website does not already lay claim to that name, in which case you will have to think of another, unique name. The host is a website that will host your website to make it appear online and hosts usually charge a monthly fee which becomes less and less depending on how long you request to be hosted for.

You can learn more about creating a website online but what you have to also be concerned about if you are thinking of creating your own website is how you will get people to visit the site once it is online. There are so many websites already online today that many of them are never visited and so to ensure yours does not become one of them, you should be considering using SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a set of strategies designed to make a website more visible.

SEO strategies can ensure that when someone initiates an online search, yours is the first site they see. Other strategies also include placing links on other sites, to your site, attracting visitors to your website that way. Once SEO is applied to your website, you should r4eceive visitors and so your next concern will be how to keep those visitors on your site until they have seen what you want them to see. The best way of doing this is to ensure that the design of your site is appealing and the content on it is of high quality and is interesting. Of course though, that content should be relevant to what the visitor expects to find and so should complement your domain name.

It has been determined that 60% of visitors to popular websites are return visitors, visitors that have already visited before and liked what they saw and so returned. In order to hopefully succeed in getting return visitors yourself, you should change the content on your site regularly so they always have something new to look at or read as this will stop them from getting bored and stop returning.